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Ask for our advice today

Together with you, the client, I will strive to create the perfect design which you require.
We will talk about colors, fonts and everything else that is necesarry.
I will give you my advice and I will listen to your ideas and thoughts. I would never make a decision without asking for your approval first. Unless you want me to.
If you want me to make all the decisions and decide on everything from colors to fonts to everything else and if you only want to give your final approval and nothing else, I can do that too.
You are the client and everything is your ultimate decision.
Depending on what you require (a logo, cover design, web design or anything else), I will provide all that is necesarry. For example: for a logo I will provide files that can be used in both online and print publishing that can be used for both low-res and hi-res needs. For anything dtp related, I will provide the necesarry files that the printer needs so that it can all happen without having to bother you too much.