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Kris is a very nice person to work with.
She takes her job seriously and listens to and incorporates feedback on her work.

Job: Graphic design and webdesign for the VikingSpot website

Name: Davy Loots - Direct superior at Mobile Vikings - 01-2012

I'm very happy Russel Design designed my logo.
She always listens to her clients and thinks along with your wishes.
She's easy to talk to and there's a quick reaction time.
The final result is very beautiful. It's a telling and original logo with cute bright colors.

Job: Logo design for ChariteaSweets

Name: Birgitta Geerlings-Wensveen - Owner of ChariteaSweets - 01-2016

Russel Design took the time to create our great new logo.
It was great to work with Russel Design and I am verry happy with the end result.

Job: Logo design for Confiserie Jonas

Name: Jonas Hoekman - Owner of Confiserie Jonas - 05-2016